EPW – New York City

EPW – New York City Executive Board


From left: Francesca Burack, President;  Grace Gallo, Vice President; Michelle Kawka, Secretary; Yue Fang, Youth Representative to United Nations.

EPW New York City’s mission is to help all women reach their professional, business and  leadership potential through educational programs, collaborative business relationships, economic empowerment activities and networking opportunities.

  • Enrich your professional and personal contacts.
  • Meet women working for large corporations, in the professions and non-profits, as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs. EPW is a unique and diverse group of women
  • Learn from others’ “lessons learned” and successes, an education and inspiration in itself!

What differentiates our chapter from other organizations?

  • Membership investment = automatic membership in four organizations: EPW New York City, EPW NYS, EPW USA and BPW International.
  • Introductions when you travel to areas around New York State, the USA and foreign countries.
  • Friendships with our sisters throughout the United States and around the world.
  • Advancement of the Women’s Empowerment Principles – WEPS.
  • Advocacy to achieve just and equal status for women in all areas of society in almost 100 countries.

Aims of EPW – New York City

  • Take professional responsibility on all levels in the economy, politics and society.
  • Think and act locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Engage in collaborative business relationships, mentoring, advocacy and networking.
  • Enjoy life-long learning.
  • Work with the United Nations and other international organizations to gain women’s equality.
  • Develop multicultural friendships and connections.